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ProTick Remedy tick remover tool

Ultra-Lite | First Aid Kit

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  • Total Weight (Without Tick Remover): 3.0oz  Outside Diameter: 3.1"  Height: 1.3"
  • Easy to carry on short hikes, walks, some evening fishing, or on any other casual outing
  • Fits comfortably in loose pockets and easily in most bags and compartments
  • Optional ProTick Remedy tick remover for a more successful removal

This isn’t just another generic kit. We started this design with the case to make sure it’s convenient to carry. We made sure to include aspirin, a potential life-saving item, and other items such as gauze pad, antibacterial bandages, and Steri-Strips to help treat minor cuts and scrapes. Don’t let a minor cut turn into a major problem. Use the antiseptic wipes and triple antibiotics to help prevent infections. Moleskin is included for blisters, and a mirror for observing places on your body you can’t see, such as the face.


The case itself is made from FDA approved, non-toxic polypropylene. It's tough, weather resistant, and it floats. Case made in the USA. Kit assembled in the USA.                            



(1) Case

(1) Tick Remover (ProTick Remedy) *optional

(1) Tweezers

(1) Waterproof Medical Tape (1/2”@2.5YD)

(1) Bayer® Aspirin

(1) Gauze Pads (2"x2")

(2) Antibacterial Bandage (1"x3.25")

(1) Triple Antibiotics

(1) Sting Relief Wipes

(1) Burn Gel

(1) Steri-Strip Pack

(1) Antiseptic Towelettes

(1) Mirror (2"DIA)

(2) Moleskin (1"x1")

(1) Antihistamines


*Please note: Due to the production and availability of first aid items, our items may be substituted for an equal or better item without notice on occasion. Props in the photos are not included.

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