rugged care nylon first aid kit with trauma items
The Scout | First Aid Kit

The Scout | First Aid Kit

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  • 85+ items to help treat medical emergencies including gunshot wounds and other traumas
  • Accommodates up to two people, and one person for trauma
  • Quickly reference basic first aid procedures
  • Fast deployment capabilities (within seconds)
  • Assembled in the USA by hunters and fishermen, including our emergency medicine physician

The Scout is ideal for the adventurer who wants to be prepared for all kinds of first aid needs ranging from minor to life-threatening. Store it in your camp, on your ATV, in your vehicle, or securely on MOLLE-compatible items.



(1) Case (600D PVC Polyester, 8"x6"x3.5")

(2) Aspirin Packets (Bayer)

(1) CPR Mask

(2) Triple Antibiotic

(2) Liquid Skin (0.5g)

(4) Bandages Antibacterial (1"x3.25")

(2) Bandages Antibacterial (2"x4")

(2) Bandages Antibacterial (Knee/Elbow)

(2) Bandages Antibacterial (Knuckle)

(2) Bandages Antibacterial (Fingertip)

(2) Bandages (Medium Butterfly)

(1) Gauze Roll (4")

(2) Gauze Pad (4"X4")

(1) Medical Tape (1/2"@10YD) Waterproof

(1) Forceps (Needle Driver)

(2) Antihistamines

(2) Hydrocortizone (topical)

(2) Electrolyte Packets

(2) Burn Gel (3.5g)

(1) Burn Dressing

(1) Tick Key Pro-Remedy

(1) ACE Wrap

(1) Self-Adherent Wrap

(2) Antidiaherria packets

(2) Ibuprofen (200mg) Packets

(2) Tylenol Packets

(4) Safety Pins

(2) Antiseptic Towelettes

(1) Moleskin (15"sq.)

(1) Nitrile Gloves (Pair)

(2) Trauma Pad (5"X9")

(1) Mini Permanent Marker (Black)

(1) Tweezers (3")

(2) Benzocaine Ampule (Topical)

(2) Sunscreen (30spf)

(2) Sting Relief Wipes

(2) Oral Pain Relief Packet

(2) Applicator (3" Sterile Cotton Swab)

(2) Applicator (6" Sterile Cotton Swab)

(2) Balm (Packets)

(1) Tourniquet (CAT)

(1) Hemostatic Agent (15g Granules)

(1) Trauma Shears (7.25")

(1) Quick Reference Guide

(1) Triangular Sling

(1) Glucose Packet (15g)

(1) Steri-Strips Pack (1/2" x 4")

(1) Mirror (3"x4")

(1) Glow Stick

(1) Laxative

(2) Antacid Packets


*Please note: Due to the production and availability of first aid items, our items may be substituted for an equal or better item without notice on occasion.